Q: What is the difference between a Wedding Planner & Venue Coordinator?

A:  I'm glad you asked! I myself have played both roles and I can tell you that there is a huge difference. A Venue Coordinator's main responsibility is to represent the venue and make sure that rules and policies are being respected. Venue coordinators also assist with the duties that were promised in their contract such as: making sure tables and chairs are set up correctly, or accessible to whomever is setting up, and to ensure that their staff carries out their responsibilities correctly.
 Your Wedding Planner offers peace of mind through the entire planning process. Though many venues will have preferred vendors lists, which are great, many of them have not identified your personal wedding style and personality. That's where we step in! We curate your vendors list based off of your personality, vision, and budget. As your planners we have vetted many of the local vendors and are able to assist in finding the perfect one for your event. We also help with other decisions such as decor & design, timelines, budget tracking, and family dynamics! Often times many venues will ask that you hire a planner to work alongside their venue coordinator to ensure a smooth planning process and execution on the BIG DAY! 

Q: Where does your pricing start?

A: Our investments varies depending on service. We customize each proposal based off of our client's needs. Our clients' average investment starts at $4,500.

Q: When in the planning process should you hire me?

A: Right after you say YES! No seriously! Before making a move or a decision, hire a planner or at least set up a consultation with a planner. You'd be surprised how easy a planner can make this process and how much time and money a planner can save you! As your planner my goal is to educate and execute. I assist with finding the perfect vendors, educating you on the wedding planning process, and executing your vision!

     Also, hiring me as planner isn't just for your peace of mind, it's also for your vendors. Most vendors require having a planner to guarantee great and consistent communication, problem solving, and organizing to make their job easier! Think of your planner as the band director. Each instrument plays an important part in creating a great sound; however, it is the directors job to make sure everyone is doing their part to create magic!   

Q: Do you bring a day of assistant?
A: Yes I do! Generally I will have two members from my team assist on wedding day. The number of assistants needed is determined by guest count.

Q: What inspires you?

A: To be honest I'd have to say my clients' happiness. I am a huge believer in customer service and ensuring that my clients enjoy their planning process. 
    I'm also inspired by my clients' visions. I love having the task of taking what you have in your head and making it a reality on wedding day!